Hosting of mining machines in secure facilities with attractive electricity rates.

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Professional hosting from 20 machines.


Why choosing Summit Hosting?


Your machines

The machines you buy from us and put into storage remain yours. All we do is maintain them.

Green Energy

Our farms are located on sites that use only green or waste energy, such as hydroelectricity or methane recycling.

A team of experts

Our technicians are trained in the maintenance and repair of mining machines, with teams on site 24/7.

Reduced cost

Hosting your machines allows you to benefit from affordable electricity at our facilities.

Quick installation

Your machines are connected and ready to perform within 4 to 6 weeks of placing your order with Summit.


For machines hosted with us, we offer a 1-year warranty.
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You decide

Accept or request modifications, and we'll prepare to move or deliver your machines.

Congratulations! We connect your machines and send you a link to your dashboard,

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our best rate


bitcoins mined by
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Our currently available mining farms

A dashboard to track your profits

We have developed a visualization tool to help you keep a close eye on your investment and profits.

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Summit is rated 4.2 stars on Trustpilot!

Feb 26, 2024

Customer for several years, reinforced concrete!

I have been customer for several years, I have enough perspective to talk about it: clear service, information available, no "surprises", summit held up during the last crises (worldwide ban on China, crypto winter, energy prices , war - sorry Vlad, "special operation" - in Ukraine), they are still there, us too, I am very confident in the seriousness of the leaders, Matt first of all ;)
Nov 16, 2023

A promising project and an involved team!!

Very good management of the Summit project thanks to a super involved CEO and team.It's a very good investment!!!Be careful, some investors who invested during the crypto market peak are disappointed with the project's performance; but there are no miracles here, it's like everything, investment timing is very important; do your homework as they say :-)
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Nov 23, 2023

Professional and serious!

Clearly a professional service, a dynamic company that knows how to evolve and position itself in the right place at the right time. The whole team takes great care of customers. The three values ​​that I like most at Summit: The seriousness of the service, the transparency of the operation, the modesty of the Team. THANK YOU!
Nov 20, 2023

Customer since 2020

Since 2020, I have been able to measure the evolution and resilience of this company. It is clear that this bear market has reduced SUMMIT's figures, but the team has never stopped doing everything possible to continue moving forward and to realize the idea that the founder MV, from his business. I renew all my confidence in SUMMIT and I am appalled to see certain comments, probably from people who have understood nothing about their investment in SUMMIT.

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