Summit's ICO

Our ambition through this fundraising is to make Web3 and cryptocurrency accessible to as many people as possible by creating a virtuous universe that offers millions of people around the world simple and secure tools.

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An ICO to develop a well-established
community business!

Our goal with this fundraising is to enable Summit to develop the services that will enable it to become a global player in cryptocurrency.

This development will also unite our community even more closely around a common project.

Our strong, close-knit community is more involved than ever in Summit's development. We have already raised €7 million.

Investing in our ICO is more than just an investment. Growing internationally will give us the strength and centrality in Web3 that will make us one of the biggest.

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But what is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fund-raising operation in which a company in need of financing issues tokens, to which investors subscribe mainly with cryptocurrencies. These tokens may give them future access to the company's products or services.

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Summit Group: services to help you invest and grow with confidence in Web3 and crypto-currencies.

Founded in 2019, Summit is today one of France's leading cryptocurrency investment and mining companies, with nearly 40 employees and over 5,000 customers, constantly growing.

Summit today consists of 8 flagship products/services, all linked to the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

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  • Summit Mining : Community investment in crypto mining.
  • Summit Gravity : Investment in high-potential cryptocurrencies.
  • Summit Quantum : Investment that provides a stable, secure and predictable return thanks to cryptocurrencies.
  • Summit Ventures : Financing (venture capital) and support for web3 companies.
  • Summit Market : Sale for professionals of cryptocurrency mining equipment at a bargain rate.
  • Summit Hosting : Hosting of mining machines in secure facilities with attractive electricity rates.
  • Summit Research : Sophisticated analyses of crypto projects to enable investors to make informed investment decisions.
  • Summit Nodes : A regular return thanks to Masternode hosting or delegation of cryptos on Summit's Masternodes.

New services coming soon !

Because Summit is expanding rapidly and our goal is to become a leader in Web3 and cryptoactives!

  • Summit Academy : Easily assimilated training courses, delivered by Web3 experts.
  • Summit Bank : Enable anyone to be able to invest in cryptocurrency without the current difficulties associated with traditional banks.
  • Summit Consulting : Tailor-made support for the most ambitious projects.
  • Summit Technologies : Development of tomorrow's Web3 technology solutions.
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A virtuous ecosystem to make the web and cryptocurrency accessible to as many people as possible!

The Summit Token is at the heart of a virtuous system based on 4 value-creation mechanisms:
compound interest, buying pressure, deflation and redistribution.
At the heart of the financing model is the creation of the world's largest community mining farm. 

The different phases of the Summit Token ICO!

We've already raised over $7 M!
Actually, Public Phase 1 is underway, allowing you to benefit from a price of $0.06 (i.e. 60% less than the price at launch).

The minimum amount to invest in this phase is just €500.

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Summit Clients phase 1
Summit Clients phase 2
Private Sale
Public phase 1
Public phase 2
Public phase 3

Our Tokenomics.

Well thought-out allocation and staking.

We've already raised $7 million from our community!

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$7 M /
$44 M

The three staking options available.

Staking Classic
Staking Pro
Staking Elite
Staking blocking time
6 months
12 months
24 months
Benefits and discounts on services
12% APR (from Ignition reserve) returned in Summit Tokens*.
Rewards on DEX sales fees
9% APR (from the Mining reserve) returned in Summit Tokens**

* Until the Ignition reserve is exhausted.
** Rewards from the Mining reserve (supplied by mining machine revenues).

Do you enjoy reading?

Then our Lite Paper is for you!
You'll find all the information you need to understand what's in store at Summit Tokens!

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How do I buy Summit Tokens?

Nothing could be simpler.

Log in to our dashboard and choose from 3 cryptocurrencies (under ERC-20 or BSC) to buy the Summit Token: BUSD, USDC or USDT.

You'll find all the information you need to track your profile and transactions.  

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Our great tutorials.

Are you just starting out and don't know where to begin? Wondering how to buy Summit Tokens via our Dashboard?
Check out our tutorials for buying Summit Tokens from the 3 best-known crypto platforms: Binance, Kraken and Coinbase. 

Coinbase - Part I: Creating and securing your account

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Our superb Roadmap!

Early 2019

Summit Mining

Launch of the first business: Summit Mining creates community mining to enable people to invest in cryptocurrency mining and enjoy monthly returns.

Summit Gravity & Summit Quantum

Launch of two new investment services with different risk levels.

Late 2021

Early 2022

Summit Ventures

The venture capital service that enables Summit to invest in Web3 start-ups and support their growth.

Summit Market & Summit Hosting

Summit offers mining professionals machines at attractive prices (Summit Market), as well as the possibility of hosting them (Summit Hosting) in secure mining farms at attractive kWh prices.

Early 2023

Q1 2023

Summit Research

Summit provides cutting-edge on-chain and off-chain analysis of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects to enable investors to find high-potential projects.

Summit Nodes

Summit Nodes allows you to generate a regular return by creating and hosting Masternodes, or by delegating your cryptos to our Masternodes.

April 2023

August 2023

Summit Academy

The training service that enables everyone to discover, understand and progress in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and avoid the pitfalls of cryptocurrency.

Summit Token

Summit token listing.

October 2023

Mid 2024

Summit Consulting

Our expertise in Web3.

Summit Bank

Launch of Summit Bank, offering numerous banking services based around cryptocurrency, to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3.

Early 2025

Mid 2025

Initial public offering

"You can't predict, but you can prepare. "Howard Marks

Summit is already 4 years old!

For this occasion, we organized an event on February 11, 2023 in Paris. Watch the video!

Meet the leaders!

Mathieu Vincent
Chief Executive Officer
Florent Gabriel
Chief Business Officer
Augustin de Menthière
Chief Operating Officer
Tatiana Yakim
Chief Administrative Officer

A team of crypto-enthousiasts.

Founded in 2019 by Mathieu Vincent, a financial markets expert for over 20 years, Summit is now one of France's leading cryptocurrency investment and mining companies.

Today, Summit has almost 40 employees and over 5,000 customers, and this number is constantly growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the investment guaranteed?

No, we cannot guarantee your investment with Summit. As with any investment in general, this investment involves risks related to a number of parameters.

When and on which platforms will you list the Summit Token?

For the time being, we cannot give any information on a potential listing date.

Initially, however, you will be able to trade (buy and sell) your Summit Tokens via our OTC (over-the-counter) platform, which will be arriving very soon.

In a second phase, at the end of 2023, the Summit Token will be listed on one or more decentralized exchanges (DEX).

In a third phase, during 2024, the Summit Token will be listed on centralized exchange platforms (CEX) such as Binance or Kraken.

What payment methods do you accept to buy Summit Tokens (credit card, bank transfer, crypto)?

For the time being and despite our best efforts, we can only accept cryptocurrency payments.

Nevertheless, we wanted you to be able to invest with Stablecoins. That's why you have a choice of : BUSD, USDC or USDT.

We are doing our utmost to integrate credit card and bank transfer functionality. We will keep you informed if we are able to offer these payment methods.

What is the deadline for investing in Summit Token?

The deadline depends on each open phase. As soon as a phase has been completely filled (all Summit Tokens sold), the next phase opens, until all Summit Tokens on sale have been used up.

There is no specific deadline. We simply invite you to be as reactive as possible if you wish to buy Summit Tokens at a certain price before they are all sold out.

You can follow the progress of the phases from your Dashboard at this address:

Do I need to do a KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) helps protect investors and combat fraud, money laundering and terrorism.

That's why we've decided to make it compulsory.

Our White Paper coming soon!

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