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White Paper of Summit ICO

Discover now, all informations you need to know before investing in the Summit ICO.

Lite Paper of Summit ICO

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Long Pitch Deck of Summit Group

Do you want to know all informations about the Summit Group? This document is for you!

Short Pitch Deck of Summit Group

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One pager of the ICO

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Our Summit F.A.Q!

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What is the Summit ICO?
Description of the Summit ICO.
What is Summit's pitch (written)?
Do you have any videos that explain the previous question?
Why raise funds?
Why now?
What’s your unique advantage?
What’s your initial compelling use case?
What are your milestones in 6, 12, 24 months?
Why is your team uniquely capable to take on this challenge?
How are you going to distribute your products and acquire users?
Do you have some advisors?
Do you have strategic partners?
How many monthly active users do you have?
How many transactions do you have daily?
Are you on testnet?
Do you have any Beta or MVP versions available for your project?
What technologies are used in the project?
How much do you want to raise? How long will it take?
How will you use the money raised?
Have you already raised some funds with the ICO? Against equity?
Are you raising equity?
What type of investors are you looking for?
Who else has invested or expressed investment interest?
What are the different phases of the ICO?
What are the initial token circulation and the market cap ?
What valuation are you raising at?
How has your valuation been validated?
What is your annualised revenue run rate?
What is your forecast in terms of revenue
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