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Who are we?

Through our range of services, from shared crypto mining to insightful research, secure stablecoin growth, and flexible crypto management, we aim to help you scale the summit! Think of us as your trusted partner in the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency.

At Summit, we're not here to lead, we're here to support your journey. Ready to start your ascent? Let's conquer the cryptocurrency peaks together.

Empower, enhance, and elevate your journey toward the peaks of the crypto world.

Summit Services: Empowering Your Crypto Climb.

Our services are designed to meet the full range of needs for investing and evolving serenely in web3 and cryptocurrencies.
Whether you're an expert or a novice, we provide you with concrete solutions and resources to add value to your investments and support your ascent.

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Summit Mining
Community mining

Generate revenue with a unique community-based approach to crypto-currency mining. We'll help you every step of the way.

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Summit Gravity

Our team identifies for you projects with solid fundamentals and high potential, and selects the best decentralized finance protocols.

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Summit Academy

Learn and become a true crypto pro in just a few weeks thanks to our training courses.

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Summit ICO
Fund raising

Invest in the Summit Group's ICO to receive numerous service-related benefits.

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Summit Research
Analysis and research

Sophisticated analyses of crypto projects to help you make informed investment decisions.

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Summit Nodes
Cryptographic nodes

Delegate your crypto-currencies to our nodes, or have your Masternodes installed and hosted on Europe's most secure servers.

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Summit Quantum

Grow your cash with minimum risk, managed by our experts and traders.

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Summit Market
Purchase of mining machines

Sale for professionals of crypto-currency mining equipment at a bargain rate.

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Summit Hosting
Machine hosting

Hosting of mining machines in secure facilities with attractive electricity rates.

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Our ICO is Currently Ongoing.

We've already raised over €6,36 M!
Actually, Public Phase 1 is underway, allowing you to benefit from a price of €0.05454 (i.e. 60% less than the price at launch).

Discover all the information and investment details on the dedicated website for our ICO.

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Behind the Climb: Our Dedicated Team

Welcome to Summit. Think of us as your trusted partner in the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency.

Our dedicated team of crypto enthusiasts and industry experts brings together a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion. We're committed to demystifying the complex world of crypto and helping you navigate it with confidence, thanks to our range of services.

At Summit, we're not just a company; we're a team dedicated to supporting your climb. We're not here to lead; we're here to back you up as you chart your own path.

Ready to start your ascent? Let's conquer the cryptocurrency peaks together.

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Empowering Your Personal Financial Revolution.

With Summit, you gain a partner committed to enhancing your understanding, elevating your potential, and empowering your personal climb.

Why Join the Summit Climb?

You join a fair and ethical ecosystem
You benefit from the expertise of our team
We empower your personal climbing
You are part of a community
Discover our ICO and take part

The pillars of the Summit ecosystem.

A team of experts

Professional management that has already proven itself: you avoid all the mistakes of a beginner.

Adequate learning

The world of blockchain is not simple: we help you to grasp and understand it, at your own pace.

A close-knit community

We create a strong connection with our community: physical events, lives, discussions and much more.

We listen to you

A reactive and warm customer service to answer all your questions.

An equitable service

The equity of your return on investment to ensure a better return on your investment.

Revenues returned to the

By owning Summit Tokens, you are contributing to the success of the ecosystem.

The Conferences We Participated.

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