Summit Gravity

Invest in crypto projects with high potential.

Diversify your portfolio now!

20% to 80%

of possible annual return (not guaranteed)


cryptos with very high potential

+11 M€


+1 500

satisfied customers

Summit Gravity in few figures

What are the return prospects and associated risks?

Like any legitimate investment service, Summit Gravity has significant risks, as do other services that operate in the cryptocurrency world. While not guaranteed (we never guarantee returns), the expected return can be 20% to 80% per year*. Or even more under certain market conditions.

While we do not guarantee returns, we simply strive for the highest performance while minimizing risk. Moreover, we only pay ourselves on the performance we generate for you. Your interests and ours are therefore intimately linked.

* Past performance is not indicative of future performance.


What are you investing in with Gravity?

Cryptos under the microscope

We ONLY invest in cryptos with strong fundamentals, having high long-term growth potential: less risk and more potential profit. An entire team is solely responsible for finding these nuggets.

A monthly return

Whether the crypto market rises or falls, a portion of the funds is invested in projects that provide a monthly income. Even if it can sometimes be low, it allows absorbing the difficult periods more serenely.

Exponential growth potential

Some projects are not yet listed or are still unknown because they are in their early stages. They offer a higher risk in return for a huge reward if the project fulfills all its promises.

Who manages your investments?

Our experts scrutinize the best decentralized finance protocols to earn interest by collecting transaction fees, rewards and loan interest.

In parallel, our 14 analysts comb through dozens of tokens and cryptos every month to position themselves at the right time on bullish projects. 

Our knowledge and our network of informants allow us to go quickly on unknown projects with explosive potential.


Why invest with Summit Gravity?

Access to crypto investments.

From well-known large caps to nuggets still unknown to the public, through decentralized finance protocols (Yield Farming) and unlisted projects (ICO), Summit Gravity opens the doors to an entire ecosystem.

A service adapted to each risk profile.

Each of us invests differently depending on his or her risk appetite, level of knowledge, and share of the assets involved. We understand this and that is why we offer several formulas, so that everyone can find the service that suits him.

A win-win relationship

Unlike all traditional investment funds, we only make money when YOU make money. Our compensation is indexed to the performance we deliver. No hidden fees. No profit if you don't make any.

What are the benefits?

From €2,000

Start investing now with as little as €2,000.

0% management fee

No management fees, only performance fees.

+1,500 investors

You will have access to a community of over 1,500 investors.

A dedicated space

A dedicated space to follow your investment closely.

Monthly payment

We make the payment of the realized profits every month.

A monthly report

A quality monthly management report, detailing our decisions and their performance.

How to join us?


Create an account

The URL of the application is the following:


Choose in which product to invest
(from €2,000)

After the obligatory verification of your identity (KYC), choose the Gravity service on your dashboard, and you will be asked for a minimum of €2000.

It is therefore not possible to invest only €1000 in Gravity. There is currently no maximum.


Send the funds

Pay the amount of your investment in cryptocurrencies only (at the moment), on the wallet address we will display, and in a single payment to facilitate your registration.

Funds sent by the deadline posted above will be invested as of the 1st of the following month.


Cash in your earnings

This is certainly the step you are looking forward to the most!

Every month, you receive the fruits of your investment directly to your crypto wallet. If you don't know how to get one, we'll explain everything.

Our key figures.

Experts at your service
50 M
Already invested
Clients won over with Summit
Intervention fees

Account opening fees



Accepted currencies

Unavailable at the moment.

Accepted crypto-assets

USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20), DAI, USDC (ERC-20), BUSD (BEP-20).

Minimum deposit and conservation



Management fees


Performance fees

30% deducted once a month in case of real capital gain on the invested capital. Decreasing fees according to your VIP level.

Minimum automatic reinvestment


Re-investment cryptos minimum


Fees for a reinvestment



Accepted currencies

Unavailable at the moment

Accepted crypto-assets


Minimum withdrawal


Outgoing transaction fees


Post-Maturity Withdrawal Fee


Pre-Maturity Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawals before the minimum 6 months are subject to a penalty of 25% of the deposit amount.

Additional fees for recurring purchases


Intervention fees


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